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Transformers for Wind Power Generation

Harnessing the power of wind through exploration, development, and installation of onshore and offshore wind farms requires a highly skilled site crew. Offshore substation platforms and wind turbine generators are limited-access locations that demand specific skills for working in such environments.

At Pearl Electric, our experienced transformer service engineers are equipped with the skills to safely install transformers in substation platforms and wind turbine nacelles and towers, where small liquid-filled or dry-type step-up transformers are commonly used. Our wide range of transformer services includes rapid response, lifecycle management, and performance optimization, ensuring efficient and reliable operation of transformers in these tough and remote environments. With our comprehensive services, we help you achieve maximum uptime and operational efficiency for your wind power generation systems.

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Transformers for wind turbine generators

Pearl Electric's wind turbine transformers are designed for installation on the nacelle platform, inside the tower base, or outside the tower adjacent to the base. The transformers for nacelle and in-tower applications feature a compact construction design that allows them to fit easily through the tower door without disassembly. They are engineered to operate in environments with high vibrations, such as the nacelle, as well as in harsh ambient conditions where salt, sand, dust, and 100% relative humidity are common.

All of our transformers, whether dry-type or liquid-filled, are custom-designed and rated based on the size of the wind turbine generator and collection array voltage class to meet international standards, environmental standards, and climatic and fire behavior standards as required. Our transformers are suitable for both onshore and offshore wind turbine applications. 

With Pearl Electric's innovative technology and solutions, you can experience reliable performance and energy efficiency for your wind power generation systems.