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4000kVA 23/0.4kV Oil Immersed Distribution Power Transformer

  • 4000kVA 23/0.4kV Oil Immersed Distribution Power Transformer

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Type: Oil Immersed Transformer

Rated Power Capacity: 4000kVA

Primary Voltage: 23kV

Secondary Voltage: 0.4kV

Frequency: 60Hz

Phase: Three phases

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The Oil Immersed Transformer series are the kind of the transformer with low noise, low loss and low partial discharge. With rational structure, high-quality material, scientific design, strict craftsmanship and advanced test method, the characteristics of this series products are as follows:

- Excellent dynamic thermal stability, outstanding short-circuit resistance, high lighting impulse resistance, high reliability.
- With excellent overload capacity, it can long-term operate under 110% load.
- Low lose, energy conservation, run economically and maintenance free.
- Contour artistic, compact size, low installation and maintenance costs.
- Performance and parameter conform to or excel the standards of IEC.
- Fully Hermetically oil tank, effectively preventing air from eroding oil and prolonging the service life of the transformer

-  Low loss, low noise, low partial discharge, high reliability
-  Powerful anti-short circuit capacity, high anti-lightning impulse capacity
-  HV coil is Vacuum casted with epoxy resin with pressure, capabilities for better the cast without pressure.
-  Simulating analys is being used in the core model, the resonance can be avoided and the noise is reduced.
-  Simulation calculation and analysis of lightning impulse wave are applied to HV Coils; anti-lightning impulse capability is improved.

Process Technology: 

- Our transformer's core is made of high quality cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel sheet with high magnetic permeability. It is using full 45° slope lamination, so that the noload loss and the no-load current are reduced efficiently. 

LV Winding:

- LV windings are adopting superior foil conductors or made of 100% copper wire, thus to obtain better amperturn balance and reduce more transverse magnetic flux leakage. Then to greatly improves transformer's anti-short circuit capability.
- Excellent design of oil passage structure, greatly increasing the coils' heat dispersion effect. It helps to decrease temperature rise of the LV winding and improve transformers' overload capability.

HV Winding

- HV windings are made of superior copperconductor wires. Adopting fiberglass to reinforced insulation.
- HV windings are adopted optimized structure to improve transformer's distribution of electric field.

- We use our existing technology calculate and analysis Lightning wave process simulation. Then substantially improving product's antilighting capability.

Insulation construction:

- Aclass level Insulation construction. The high-voltage coil and low-voltage coil are placed with the same center. Between the coils, use the thin paper cylinder with little oil clearance construction.


- The tank is jointed with highquality steel. The surface is eliminated rust phosphate coating and painted with the type of FVC anticorrosive paint. It has ability to prevent the corrosion from oil and chemical matter. It can be broadly applied to outdoors with bad environment for its contour artistic, easily installation and maintenance free.


- All the power transformers equipped with highvoltage bushing, low-voltage bushing, oil-relesase valve earthling boilt, lifting board, name plate, pressure vale and so on. The transformers which are over 800kVA are equipped with signal thermometer and gas relay.