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4000kVA 3000kVA 50Hz 60Hz High Voltage Three Phase Compact Substation Transformer for Wind Energy Power Generation

  • 4000kVA 3000kVA 50Hz 60Hz High Voltage Three Phase Compact Substation Transformer for Wind Energy Power Generation

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-Type: Compact Substation Transformer

-Rated Power Capacity: 4000kVA

-Primary Voltage: 13.2kV

-Secondary Voltage: 0.4kV 

-Frequency: 50/60Hz

-Phase: Three phases

-Vector group: Dyn11

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Ambient conditions for Conventional transformers using:

Ø  Ambient temperature: Maximum +40ºC, Minimum -25ºC

Ø  Relative humidity: At 25ºC, not higher than 95% for daily average humidity and not higher than 90% for monthly average ambient temperature.

Ø  Altitude: less than 1000 meters.

Ø  Seismic level: less than 3m/s2 at horizontal direction and less than 1.5m/s2 at vertical direction.

Ø  Installation environment: No obvious and heavy pollution, no explosive and corrosive gas and dust, with good air ventilation and no severe vibration and shock.

(Note: if the application environment is different from the above standard service conditions, please contact us for customized designs.)


Products' Features:

Ø  Less investment, less land occupation, quick effect.

Ø  The product adopts a closed design as a whole, the shell can be grounded, and no insulation distance is required, which fully guarantees personal safety.

Ø  The transformer room can be equipped with a protective net to prevent accidental entry into the transformer room.

Ø  Excellent temperature rise and heat dissipation design.

Ø  The shell adopts a special ventilation structure, and the optimized design makes the product have a stronger heat dissipation capacity. The temperature rise level of the shell meets the requirements of the highest level of 10K specified by the national GB standard and the international IEC standard.

Ø  Excellent environmental adaptability.

Ø  Provide a variety of shells for users to choose, including ordinary steel plate shell, composite plate shell, stainless steel plate, etc.

Ø  Rich structure and flexibility.


Process Technology:





Ø  Q: Are you a Manufacturer, factory or Trading company ?  

A: Yes, We are engaging in the research and development, production and operation of transformer for over 60 years.


Ø  Q: What's your warranty terms?

A: We offer 12 months warranty time.


Ø  Q: Production Time?

A: 30 to 45 days or depending on order requirements.


Ø  Q: What's your payment terms?

A: T/T , L/C or negotiation.


Ø  Q: How do you conduct quality control in your factory?

A: We implement 100% QC inspection to ensure every product is qualified. We have over 10 times QC inspections during the manufacturing process from raw material to the final products.


Ø  Q: Do you have the products in stock?

A: Normally no. All our products produce depending to your order quantity.


Ø  Q: How can I trust you ?

A: Pearl Electric is the former state-owned Panyu Electrical Motor Factory established in 1958, Pearl Electric occupies a factory area of 10.5 hectares, with more than 7.2 hectares of modern factory building. Pearl Electric has more than 600 employees and more than 600 sets of specialized manufacturing equipment. We have many patent certificates, CE certificate, KEMA certificate, ISO9001 certificate. Our products are widely used all around the world. We believe that we can provide you products of good quality with competitive price. We are the audited diamond supplier of Made-In-China.


Ø  Q: What should provide to make custom transformer ?

A: Technical drawing and technical specification document are  the best, or you can tell us some details technical specification date as below “Quotation and Ordering Required Information”.


Ø  Q: Could I have your catalog and price list for trial order in MOQ quantity?

Ø  A: All of our products are showing on Made-in-China or official website, you are always welcome to ask us to get more information directly.